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free premium for web site owner

Dear Affiliate:
free premium for web site owner:
1- Your account should be registered for more than 60 days
2 - Contact us withe your link owner prof (make in your site )
Make request by Contact us and your account will be reviewed and will be upgraded immediately and notify you if the terms match.
Available demand on 13 + 14 15 October 2018 only
( just in Email .. not here)

شريكنا فى النجاح

عضويات براميوم مجانيه لاصحاب المواقع بشرط :-
1:- يجب ان تكون عضويتك مسجله منذ اكثر من 60 يوم
2:-اصنع ملف باسم ( ) وارفعه الى موقعك وارسل لنا الرابط من خلال اتصل بنا
مثال :-
اطلب الترقيه من خلال اتصل بنا وسوف يتم مراجعه عضويتك وترقيتها فورا اذا استوفت الشروط
الطلب متاح فقط خلال يوم 13 + 14 + 15 اكتوبر 2018

المسابقه القادمه بها هدايه وجوائز مميزه جدا جدا

ارفع ..شارك. اربح

putiobam   October 13, 2018

Dear Admin,
I am putiobam,
I upload the file Please visit:
Please offer the premium account. Thanks a lot. Best.

moizkhan   October 13, 2018

Dear Admin,
I am Moiz,
I had uploaded the file Already sent you mail.
Please offer the premium account. Thanks a lot.

nagaty   October 14, 2018

تم التنفيذ وتم الارسال عبر اتصل بنا

ahmedsamy   October 15, 2018

Dear webmasters of ( I have a website: ( Please, upgrade my account to premium. My user name is: ahmedsamy. I uploaded your file to the following link:
How long will the premium account work?
Also, please, process my payment. I have requested 3 weeks ago.
Warmest regards.

samuraijapan   November 28, 2018

he added webmoney

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